About Indies Go to School

RickLSlaughBannerDo you make independent documentaries?  Want them to live on beyond TV broadcast?  Looking for a better strategy to find funding?  Interested in staying relevant in the world of digital-everything?  Or maybe you are a teacher scouring the web for standards-aligned media to support curricula, wishing it could be classroom-friendly. This blog may be for you!

Posts include complete interviews with reps from PBS LearningMedia, ITVS, and George Lucas Educational Foundation’s Edutopia,  as well as 21st Century teachers, national film distributors, curriculum writers, and leading public television stations.  And if “hands-on” and “project-based learning” are your thing, stay tuned.

I’m Rick Bacigalupi, an Emmy Award-winning independent documentary producer living in San Francisco.  I’ve been lucky to work at a couple of TV stations here in the sixth largest market in the country, and have produced or co-produced hundreds of segments that have aired statewide.  I now have a small production company of my own, BACIPIX, which works with nonprofits on social justice and environmental issues.  My documentaries have been distributed nationally to public television stations through the National Educational Telecommunications Association.  I was honored to serve recently on the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Televison Arts and Sciences, SF/NorCal Chapter.

IMG_3485This blog has begun as part of my work toward a Master’s Degree in Radio and Television at San Francisco State University’s Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Department.  When Professor Betsy Blosser suggested that instead of writing a term paper I should “put it up online,” Indies Go To School was born.  The straightforward interview format was  inspired by my all-time favorite production handbook, Patric Hedlund’s A Bread Crumb Trail Through the PBS Jungle:  The Independent Producer’s Survival Guide.

Please peruse the posts!  Filmmakers, share your experiences.  Teachers, share your media wish-lists. Everyone, share your leads on film funding sources…lol wishful thinking!

photos:  Leonard Martin Hughet

special thanks:  Professor Betsy Blosser, Jenny Stewart

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