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Interview: Ron Blatman

Ron Blatman, Executive Producer
Saving the Bay, Saving the City
San Francisco, CA

I am executive producer, and producer. I say both, only because “executive producer” usually means the guy doing the money and quarterbacking all the stuff, but in reality and especially on the City show, I do all the interviews, I basically wrote most of what the piece was. I’m driving the engine if you will. If you want to talk about how to do things better, and sort of raise the level of awareness about quality of life in cities, you can do it multiple ways. You can run for office and be a politician, you can work in government. And the other way you can do it where you really reach a lot of people is you can do something in media. Because the media can be, if its done right, all pervasive. So I came up with the idea actually quite a while ago to do this big national TV series about cities.
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Interview: Patrice O’Neill

Patrice O’Neill, Executive Producer
Not in our Town
Oakland, CA

My name’s Patrice O’Neill, one of the founders of The Working Group, and Not In Our Town. I’m, my title is Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer for the company, for the nonprofit. The Working Group was founded as a company that would focus on stories of working people, it has evolved over the years. Our focus now is on Not In Our Town primarily, a project that came out of our work in the mid-90’s and over the years it has really dominated our work. Particularly after 9/11. Not In Our Town has become the centerpiece of our work.
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Interview: Brian Favorite

Brian Favorite
Independent Filmmaker, former Elementary School Teacher
San Francisco, CA

I was a teacher with elementary school kids, so it’s quite different than teaching at a level of high school or college. From my experience working in Washington, Illinois and California school systems, all the teachers and principals especially would really frown upon teachers using media in the classroom as a resource. Usually that was used during maybe a rainy day lunchtime activity. I think that’s unfortunate. I think the kids probably could benefit a lot from media. Especially in this era of media being so pronounced and so available, especially in their lives.
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Interview: Jeremy Lum

Jeremy Lum, High School Teacher
Bellarmine College Preparatory
San Jose, CA

I am a teacher at Bellarmine both in the English Department and in the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

Bellarmine is an Ignatian school, which means we focus on educating the whole person. And to me that means bringing in not only incredible academics, but probably most important the social justice aspect. And that infuses both the curriculum, what we do in the classroom, as well as the things we do outside the classroom.
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Interview: Manuel Herrera

Manuel Herrera, Fourth Grade Teacher
Learning Without Limits
Oakland, CA

What is “Blended Learning?”
When I’m teaching fractions, I would teach the fraction lessons, then once I’m done with that the kids would go on [TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL COMPUTER DEVICES] to math adaptive software, right now we’re using Dreambox. And then while they’re on that, I can continue working in small groups or one-on-one, whatever is needed at the time. And the goal would be that if I’m teaching fractions, then they would go practice that. But some math programs are basically what we would call a black box that students are on there and it’s adapting to their needs.
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Interview: Leanne Ferrer & Cheryl Hirasa

Leanne Ferrer, Executive Director, Pacific Islanders in Communication
Cheryl Hirasa, Director of Program Development & Content Strategy, Pacific Islanders in Communication
Honolulu, HI

How does PIC view educational outreach?
Leanne: We actually strongly support it. When a producer is funded for Research and Development with us, part of their deliverables is, when they turn it in at the end, is what are they going to do with educational outreach? And not only educational but also community and everything, but what is their life beyond broadcast? Because broadcast is a four-year window. And a film that you just spent how many years on, should just live on. So what are you planning to do with it?
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Interview: John Hoskyns-Abrahall

John Hoskyns-Abrahall
Co-owner, Bullfrog Films
Oley, PA

Bullfrog Films is a specialist distributor of environmental and related social-justice issues. Our customers are educational institutions, and within that market more colleges and universities than K-12, but we still do K-12. And beyond that the standard non-theatrical market. We sell to anybody who shows films when no admission fees are charged. So that includes people like churches, government agencies, hospitals, prisons. And beyond that there is the semi-theatrical market which is becoming more important to us which is people who do charge but in a non-theatrical setting, i.e. outside a theater. So that involves basically community screenings. We’ve been doing that for about year and a half. We also do consumer dvd, online consumer transactional VOD and also subscription VOD meaning Netflix, iTunes and those guys.
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